Day 18

I didn’t see you much today- you spend the day with Daddy, and I spent the day with Pa while Nan had her surgery. I had such a great day- and you did too with your Dad:)

I came home and Daddy had to shoot off to some meetings. You were playing in this little cart when I got home- with Dad pulling you around. Once he left, we decided to get your teds and take them for a ride, you were so thrilled with the idea! (And it saved me from having to pull you around;)

I love watching you play, such little things bring you so much joy.

(Since taking a photo every day, I am coming to the realisation that my son is in his undies 90% of the time. Will have to make a more conscious effort to put some clothes on him haha)





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2 responses to “Day 18”

  1. Sarah says:

    Fiona, your perspective is just so clever – I am loving your photos.

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks Sarah, glad you are enjoying them. Trying to think of something to snap each day is a challenge! We don’t get out much:P