Day 20

We are going to miss living with Nana and Poppa when we move into our own home. We love spending time with them! Tonight we had such a crazy night playing make believe with Poppa.

You have the funniest imagination.

Ammon “Oh no! There is a turtle stuck up the tree!!! I will get my rope, it’s over there in my fire engine! I got the rope! Aggggghhhhh! (insert mad pulling motions and strenuous face pulling) Got it it!”

Poppa: “Oh I think there is a cat on the fan too…”

Ammon: What?! A cat on the fan? How did it get up there! That’s silly… (breaks character momentarily to laugh, then looks back up at the fan shocked) there is a dog up there on the fan too!!!”


You also caught a shark in the bath… Oh dear!





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One response to “Day 20”

  1. felicity says:

    oh I LOVE the shark in the bath shot!!! His expression is classic!!!! so funny!