Day 21

Daddy had the day off today, and decided that we should go to the Strawberry farm. He told you we would go after your nap (consequently your nap was the shortest in history and you woke up, ran into our room and said “I dreamed I was at the strawberry farm and picked ALL the flowers! (BTW there are no flowers at the strawberry farm;). It was time to go!

It was too hot to go out and pet the animals- but you were more than happy to play on the car in the shade- although you were a little spaced out, that short nap did not work wonders! (This shot was taken by Daddy)

We got home and made some dinner. It was still stinking hot so we decided to eat outside for the evening. As we sat at the table I think you were a little overwhelmed with happiness… You looked at all of us, and proceeded to go around the table, telling each of us that we were your favouites. When you had finished, you then went on to say “I love you Mum! I love you Dad! I love you Nana! I love you Poppa!’ Looking at each of us in succession. Goodness you melt me child!

After tea as we cleaned up, you very quietly played with your lego, you were certainly ready for bed!

And just for a laugh, meet Little Bird. He is trying to hump my foot- I kicked him off a moment later haha. (He is the bane of my existence most of the time, but I still have a special place for him in my heart- when he is not trying to attack me that is!)





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3 responses to “Day 21”

  1. Georgia says:

    Love the crazy bird! And your little guy sounds like such a dreamy little love muffin – such a sweet story about him at dinner 🙂

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Yes he is a right little love muffin when he wants to be (I just cling to these sweet moments when he is having a whingy day like today!) We might need to eat outside more often- clearly it went down a treat.

      Hmmm yes, bird is crazy- even more so when I am pregnant it seems. He is in attack mode around me 90% of the time, just like he was when I was pregnant with Ammon:P He’s mad!

  2. felicity says:

    hahahahaha! I love your stories about bird! Reminds me of Chad’s dog that I ‘inherited’ after we got married….hahaha oh the love hate relationships of our husband pets :)! Love the pics of Ammon too – gorgeous boy!