Day 25

Today Ammon and I actually baked! We made some rockin’ cookies (I NEVER bake, this was the kids first cookie making experience- we had fun and I got a couple to ‘too cute to boot pics’… but sadly the card died when I went to copy it over:/

My husband sitting next to me working, asked what was up and came over to see if he could rescue the card… unfortunately it was well and truly dead!

But instead of pining about my lost photos, I had a sweet little reminder of one of the reasons I love my Mister. He is always ready and willing to rescue me if needed- I may not always be ‘rescued’ but he tries and that’s the main thing:D

Favourite “Ammonism” of the day:

“When I get married, we gonna growed a little baby” (said while patting his tummy) hehe.

“Who told you that?”


(We asked Nana when she got home from work- she does not recall this conversation… not sure where he got that from, but at least he has his priorities straight at the age of nearly 3;)





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2 responses to “Day 25”

  1. Pamela says:

    The lighting in this shot is stunning. I love it!
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    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Haha thanks- glorious computer screen light;) I shot this while he was attempting to fix my card.