Day 28

Another rainy day to occupy ourselves with- I’m not complaining, I actually rather enjoy the rain. So relaxing and refreshing. Nana and Poppa took Ammon to the Nursery to do a bit of garden shopping, so Adam and I had a couple hours to chill out. It was lovely! We escaped to Zaraffas and had some awesome hot chocolate indulgence, and chatted about our life plans and goals:)

I had promised the litte A-monster that we would do some painting today- it has been MONTHS! Terrible I know- especially seeing as he absolutely loves painting. So when he woke up he busted into my room saying “It’s Paaaaainting Time! We need to pain right now!”, and off we went!

– Ammon, you used to be disgusted at the thought of getting “dirty” but you are now finally embracing the messier, squishier, paintier side of life. In days gone by you would insist we keep a cloth handy in case any paint got on your hands, so it could be wiped off instantly! It’s great to see you overcoming your squeemishness towards gooey things, and enjoying a bit more loose freedom with your Art:) I love you my little artist!

(Picture taken by Daddy– Mummy was covered in paint too!)

Seeing as we had the paints out, I thought I might finally get to painting the camera we made together. I’m slightly obsessed with it now haha, can’t wait to finish off the strap and the details so it looks just like Dads camera.. While you bathed tonight, I stuck a new and improved button on the top… You were pretty chuffed with it when you saw it.

I love this relaxed photo taken after your bath, you are normally so hypo at this time of night and it’s so very hard to get a shot of you;)





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3 responses to “Day 28”

  1. Samantha says:

    OMG what amazing photos! I LOVE THE PAINTED HANDS! Gorgeous!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks Samantha:) I love the painted hands shot too! Might have to print that one out- love that face.

  2. Kylie Giggins says:

    This is awesome. Amazing photos and your little man is just sooooo cute.