Day 30

Family Home Evening is a tradition that I have been wanting to start for a long time now. We have been slack. Yes we are home pretty much every night together, but setting aside one night a week to really BE together and learn together is something different, and something special.

Tonight we made the first step! It was awesome. I had dinner on the table early, then Daddy bathed the kid while I got the bits and pieces ready. I decided to do a lesson based on a sweet story about a boy watching a mother hen protect her chicks. Ammon LOVED it! I cut out a cartoon mamma hen, and some baby chicks, and a BIG wing for them all to hide under. (As well as a cute photograph of a sweet mamma hen protecting her chicks to give him at the end of the lesson). Ammon loved helping gather the little chicks to save them from the mean snake, fox and hawk. We then played a game where Dad of course was the monster and Ammon had to run past him and jump under my baggy top (hehe, this was so much fun).

We then hit the road to Macca’s for some chocolate cake and a frappe! Ah Ammon you were a delight to dine with.






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2 responses to “Day 30”

  1. Georgia says:

    Wow – what a great, great family tradition. I actually am in the market for some family traditions and would love to adopt this one! As a kid, my own family was sorely lacking in ANY kind of tradition so I am at a bit of a loss when it comes to making tradition for my own little family. Love this idea. Thanks!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Yay! Good luck with it:D I’m excited for next week. Will have to put my thinking cap on to top the chickens haha. I think I’m very much going to enjoy Monday evenings from now on.