Day 31

As a follow on from yesterday, Ammon walked past me this morning as I was waking, carrying the snake, the fox and the hawk, saying “I’m just taking these away, they are a bit scary for the baby chickens”. Haha. I later found them dumped in my closet.

Here we have Ammon getting ready, and playing his “concert”. We are treated to these delightful performances at least once a day. Usually more. We must remain quiet until he is on the window sill, and the curtains are closed. He will then open the curtains and say “Welcome to the concert” (or something along those lines) and proceed to sing and dance and rock out his red “guitar”. Then he will say “Now say WOW” or some such thing. It changes daily, but is usually along the same lines. Sometimes we will be handed a drum, so we can join in. Sometimes he is Murray (Wiggle), sometimes he is just Ammon- and PLEASE don’t confuse the two;)

As much as they can sometimes be a little much when we are being forced to say “WOW” we love his daily concerts and imagination:D






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3 responses to “Day 31”

  1. Sybille says:

    love these photos ! Ammon is really adorable 🙂

  2. Sybille says:

    oh Fiona! I just realised you are Fiona from Deep Grey! I am Sybille from Bonbon Photography! How funny to meet you here 🙂

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      I had a sneaking suspicion it was you! I looked around but couldn’t see links to your pro page anywhere:D How are you guys? AND we never caught up for lunch! (SLACK!)