Day 35

I cannot believe that it was three years ago that we welcomed you, our gorgeous boy into the world… I laughed as you came out, and you still make me laugh everyday. Bless your little heart! You bring me so much joy, and I love you more than words could ever express.

Today was your long awaited Birthday! Yes you scored your candy cane AND your racing car Birthday cake (the two things you repeatedly told us you wanted for your Birthday) but you also got some other cool stuff you were not expecting.

You had such a great day. We spent the morning playing with Daddy and opening your presents before he had to head off to work. You got some awesome Thomas trains and a little crane for your set from Mummy and Daddy, and Nana and Poppa surprised us all by getting you your very own REAL guitar! You were so stoked!!! (And it sounds blissful compared to that red Uke;)

After you played us some tunes and sung yourself “Happy Birthday” Dad shot off to work, (Noooo there goes the cameras- I really must get myself a happy snap camera for times like these).

Aunty Anita, Uncle Justin, Olivia and Chloe came to visit. We had a little play, they brought you a beautiful book and a cute pet shop felt board. You all played nicely together until it was nap time! After you nap, we shot off down to the Gold Coast to Grandma and Pa’s house for your Birthday BBQ. Aunty Zara, Aunty Melly, Uncle Morgan & Aunty Abby were there, as well as some of your cousins, Kayde, Asher, Ruben and Jayden. Nana and Poppa also came down for the afternoon. It was lovely! You raced straight up to the trampoline where you stayed most of the afternoon. Grandma and Pa got you a beautiful book library, and Pa gave you a train book. Aunty Melly got you a cute lunch bag with pencils on it for church, and Aunty Abby surprised you with a cool train tunnel and train to fit in with your wooden train set (it was at her house that your first love affair with wooden trains began:) After some cake, and a bath, Nana and Poppa took you home so that I could spend some time with my sisters before heading off home myself:)

Aren’t those little fingers and knees just too cute?!

“I yuve mum thiiiiiis much!”

Thanks Aunty Zara for loaning me your camera for this shot:)





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