Day 47

We had a bit of running around to do today, paint shopping, lock shopping, dropping off said locks to building site, meetings etc. You were so patient all day, even when you were bored. You had one meltdown, and once you settled down, we discussed why throwing a tanty isn’t the best option. You agreed that you don’t ever get what you want when you throw a tantrum, you feel sad AND you get into trouble. So it’s best to choose to be happy, and not get into trouble! (You seemed to remember this the rest of the day! You have been testing a lot of boundrys lately, but after our chat, you were amazing for the rest of the day! (Fingers crossed that tactic still works tomorrow).

As we were getting ready to leave mummys meeting, you got excited and asked if we were going. When I said yes, you said “I will open the door for you!” and raced out to the front door, and held the door for us all as we left. You were called a gentleman, and you wore the name with pride! You walked away with your head held tall saying, “I’m a gentlema” (teehee). We got home and you told Daddy you were being a “gentlema”:)

Mummy was so so tired! You on the other hand didn’t fancy a sleep, but decided you would put mummy to sleep. So you tucked me in bed, gave me a kiss and went a played with your toys. Oh bless you! (Ok FYI this is NOT normal!)

Daddy has been flat out working on some amazing projects the last few weeks- so we haven’t had too much family play time. We decided to drop work for the afternoon, and hit your favouite park- there was a gorgeous cool breeze and beautiful summer haze:)

(On a side note our house is looking awesome and we are getting just a weeeee bit excited! It’s finally at lock up stage, and the fit-out is just about finished:D)

This is Ammon playing “rugby”.  He runs past the ball and drops to the ground. I guess that’s how it looks if you don’t know the rules lol.

To think only last month Ammon needed Dad’s help to get on this thing. We haven’t been to this park for ages, yet today he was a crazy dare devil! Wahoo! (This last set was shot by Adam:)






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2 responses to “Day 47”

  1. Nicole says:

    He looks like way too much fun! I love that last series!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks Nicole! He is a bit of a laugh. I couldn’t believe he kept leaping out onto the swing- crazy kid! It looked quite painful haha.

      I can only assume the idea came from his obsession with fireman poles and sliding down every pole he sees at the moment (mums legs included).