Day 60

Today I desperatly needed to catch up on some work, so called my sister Abby to ask if she could mind Ammon for a couple of hours. She came to the rescue (you are the BEST abbs!).

Before I called, I said to Ammon, I might call Abby and see what she is doing today. He got very excited and said “I LOVE Abby! Maybe she is playing with the kids with the trains!” (Abby as the best collection of wooden trains).

We got to the house and went inside and started chatting, and the kid started pushing me out the door! “Just GO mum!” awwww. He was ready for the fun to begin.

When I came back a couple hours later, I snuck into the house and heard Abby saying “Ammon, I think your mum is here” “No” he said. I poked my head in the door to find this little face looking at me, a second later it turned into a grumpy face telling me off! “Mum, go away! We are not finished yet!” Ouch! Hehe, I’m glad he loves his Aunty so much:)

Abby you are wonderful, and today I was so so so grateful for your help! I love you!

Here are some sweet little paper dolls they made together. The ones with scribbles on their tummies were mums. They had little babies in their tummies, but then they had to put on t-shirts, so got scribbled over.

Ammon also went flying this afternoon, courtesy of Daddy (who had very sore arms after tossing his 16kg kid up in the air about 20 times hehe:P)







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2 responses to “Day 60”

  1. Rachael says:

    Awesome flying shot, love that you can’t see who is throwing him. So cool.

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks Rachael, it was a little tricky with such a wide lens (14mm). I was practically on top of Adam trying not to get him in the shot:P