Day 75

Today Lana came over to do some film editing with Adam (She has been selected to have her work exhibited in a fancy pants exhibition, so has made funky retro stop motion film called “The Collector” to have screened.)

She brought along a little music box to record the soundtrack from, and Ammon was rather intrigued! To him it was a “Special delivery” and he carted it around for a while admiring the dancers. (OK really I think he just liked dropping the lid shut on the dancers;)

(Also I must say thanks Lana for the AMAZING profiteroles! Yum! We must have been on the same wave length last night as I had been saying to Adam I desperately wanted a profiteroles… meanwhile, Lana was at home cooking me some with her mum!- You girls are the best:D).

My greatest delight today: Whilst laying on the couch drawing with Ammon, he lay back into me and said “We’re best friends Mum”. Oh I love you my little boy!





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3 responses to “Day 75”

  1. Rachael says:

    Second shot with the mirrors is magic!

  2. Nicole says:

    I love all the reflections of his little face looking at the jewelry box!

  3. Lana & Jane says:

    Oh Fi, this melts us! Your little man is everything that’s beautiful in this world. Part cheeky monkey, part gentleman and always puts a smile on my face no matter which part he’s playing.

    Passionfruit cookies next Tuesday Mum said!