Day 78

Today Ammon was devastated when I told him we were not going to Church. He woke up much sicker than yesterday, so I said we needed to stay home.

Ammon is the kind of kid who is pretty tough to get to sleep. He has only ever fallen asleep playing maybe twice in his life- he takes work to put down. I was in my room doing some things in the morning, and Ammon climbed up into my bed and went to sleep. After he woke he perked up a little and again begged me to go to Church.

We went outside and waved to Daddy and Nana as they left, and I turned to Ammon and said “Come one, lets go upstairs and finish your lunch”. He walked into the house then said “Carry me Mum, I’m not strong…” (Awwwww!). So I carried him upstairs and he poked at his lunch a few times then came and climbed up on the couch to lay next to me. After a few minutes he wimpered and slipped off the couch looking at me with desperation. I offered a few suggestions, “Why don’t we go lay down in your bed?” (he shook his head), “Do you want to go in Mums bed?” (shakes head), “How about Nanas bed?”. Again he shakes head then proceeds to stumble down the hallway and into Nanas bed. He was asleep within minutes.

Our whole day consisted of cuddles and naps and then a very early night. Poor little munchkin.





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2 responses to “Day 78”

  1. Rachael says:

    Oh so sad, it’s hard to say the photos are lovely, but they are. Hope he feels better tomorrow!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks Rachael, yes he was much better the next day! (Although very cranky for a couple of days- he was much cuter when he was docile and cuddly;)