Day 100

So I’m feeling pretty grateful that I have made it to day 100!!! I’m so chuffed! I was really nervous putting it out there that I was going to do this project- it’s a bit one, and I generally suck at personal projects.

I love looking back at all the delightful moments that have been captured so far this year, and I feel blessed to be participating in such a fun and rewarding project. Thank you Georgia ( for putting out the challenge to “Document Delight” this year. I am so glad that I (albeit nervously) took up the challenge.

Today being Easter Monday, Nana had the day off work, and decided to make some pizzas for dinner. So early in the day, she started preparing the dough.

Ammon was a little miserable this afternoon when he woke up from his nap (I say a little… he was inconsolable! We tried everything!) I finally managed to cheer him up by saying Nana was about to make some pizzas, and would he like to make a chefs hat and help her. Well, it did the trick! After 20 mins or so of suggestions, walks outside, bribes, you name it, he finally stopped crying, got the sticky tape and happily helped me make his hat.

He loved making the pizzas! As we were sitting at dinner I said “Ammon and Nana, you have outdone yourselves, these are DELICIOUS!” Ammon was pleased as punch and a few mins later said “Mum, can you say the concumenta again?” We were all a little puzzled and tried guessing what he meant… Kookaburra? No? No idea! We then realised he was asking if I could say the “compliment” again hehe. So I once again said “Ammon and Nana, you have outdone yourselves, these are DELICIOUS!” His little face beamed:)







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2 responses to “Day 100”

  1. Jules says:

    That’s so lovely! I love to see such great smiles over something in the kitchen. And knowing it comes after so much unhappiness is even better. His smile is beautiful!

  2. Great backstory…to some great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!