Day 109

Ammon and I went out today, and saw a fantastic plush utility belt. Ammon thought it was seriously neat. We talked about getting it (I’ve been wanting to make him one but haven’t had the time). I passed him the packet, but he got sidetracked tossed it and ran for the see-saw over the other side of the Ikea kiddies section. I picked up the belt and put it on the shelf (I figured he wasn’t that into it) and didn’t really think about it again I was too busy chasing him around and enjoying his company. He was rather excitable!

We got the little bits and pieces we had ventured out for and came home. As we pulled up, Adam came out to greet us. Ammon leaped out of the car shouting “Dad! DAD!!! We got a new belt!!!”

Uh oh.

“Oh Ammon, we didn’t get the belt, we just got the jars remember?” The poor little darling fell on my legs sobbing heart broken. My arms were full of glass jars so had to just stand there while he sobbed it out in the front yard, crying at my feet. Adam came and scooped him up and tried cheering him up.

I took the jars inside and was called back out. “Mum, Ammon is FAST ASLEEP! Come and see”. He had calmed down, and was enjoying pretending to be asleep on the front porch. We could hear the recycling truck a few streets away, so decided to stick it out and watch the truck go past. Eventually, we gave up and went inside- and of course, the truck came a few minutes later.

(PS I made this blanket for Ammons first birthday. My first ever quilt:)

This is Ammon apparently being a “cockroach” on Dads back as he tired to get some work done this morning haha. He said “I love cockroaches”… Adam- “I thought you were scared of them?”

“Nah, mum picks them up and puts them in the bin for me.”






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