Day 94

Today I got my hair cut, while we were sitting eating dinner Ammon turned to me and said “Mum, you look really boodiful with your new hair cut” (ok he was prompted by his Dad, but it was so cute- I loved the little bashful expression that came after even more:)

Tonight Ammon jumped in bed with Nana to go to sleep. I poked my head in to take a snapshot and kinda killed his relaxed mood- in no time he was jumping around, out of bed, then back under the covers “swimming in the waves” then back out of bed answering his “phone”. His phone conversation went something like this… “Hello, yeah I’m going to bed. Bye my friend whose name is Jared. Bye Jared” Hehe.

Faking it.

And my new “bangs!”






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4 responses to “Day 94”

  1. my4boysandme says:

    Nice! brave lady for getting you hair cut with a fringe 🙂 Those shots of your little man pretending to be asleep are so sweet !

  2. kate says:

    Well he may be faking it but wow, what a stunning shot, so gorgeous and peaceful – lovely bedding and bed too! 🙂 What a sweetie he is and lollll at the phonecall. YOU are looking gorgeous too, mama!! love it!

  3. Megan says:

    That first shot is a beauty! Love the bangs, makes me want some myself!

  4. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous hair – I would love to have bangs, but can’t stand it in my face!! I love the bedtime shots too, especially where he’s pretending to sleep.