Day 95

Today we tried a little experimentation of a spinning shot. We have always wanted to give one a go, but had never gotten around to trying it. Adam hooked the camera around his shoulders, whacked on a super wide lens and took Ammon for a spin!

This shot is a video screen grab as we didn’t have time to take stills. (Adam was about to head out to a shoot).

Ammons little squeals of delight were so so cute! I might try upload the audio file (the video wasn’t the best- but sounded so sweet). As Ammon stumbled away from Daddy after, he laughed “Woaaaaah! That was a REALLY big dizzy!”






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13 responses to “Day 95”

  1. Clea says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing. And what a gorgeous boy!

  2. Tarnya says:

    I children I take care of love it when I take spinning photos of them. But they are getting so big now that my arms are sore for days afterwards!
    I like the use of the super wide angle here and the distortion is creates. Cool!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Yep Tarnya it’s always a work out!
      If you don’t mind me asking, what is your technique for taking the shot?! We tried a few methods- but found hooking the strap taut around Adams shoulders worked best (but was quite awkward). Any tricks you want to share?

      • Tarnya says:

        Fiona, I have a slightly stretchy neoprene strap on my camera and I can get it round my neck twice (just!) so that it sits high on my chest.
        I don’t have a super wide angle – 19mm on a cropped sensor is the best I can do. It works, but doesn’t look at good as yours.
        I take a guess at how far the child’s face will be from the camera (closer than you think) and manually set the focus to that distance. The I set a slowish shutter speed (to get some motion blur from the ground) and the aperture and iso vary according to how much light we have.
        Then I set the 10 second timer grab the kid’s hands and off we go. It’s always a giggly panic with me shouting instructions (look at the camera!) whilst trying not to fall over/ crash into anything/ have a coronary. We get a lot of misses before I manage to nail the focus and exposure, by which time I’m exhausted and my arms are two inches longer than when I started πŸ™‚
        There are probably better methods – I never thought to read any instructions, just trial and error. I think what you achieved is pretty spot on!

  3. Rachael says:

    Love it! I’ve been wanting to give this a go as well, it looks so cool! I saved this photo in Flickr which has some instructions, but have never tried it myself:

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Ah awesome Rachael! Seems like around the shoulders is the way to go. Will have to dig out the shutter release remote and give it another shot.

      AND you must do it! I want to see your take on it:) Your kids amazing hair would look so cool flying around!

      • Rachael says:

        Thanks Fiona, you’ve inspired me to give it a go. I think this is something that pretty much every kid and their parents do when they are little, so to get a photo of it would be something special…although Dad might have to do this one, the kids are getting a bit heavy for me πŸ˜‰

        • Fiona Murphy says:

          (Yep this is why I made Adam do it;) This lump of a kid is too heavy for my preggy body to spin!)

          Pop me a note when you do it- Good luck!

  4. kate says:

    wow amazing photo capturing such joy – love it!!!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks Kate! I think it’s a new “Top 5” shot from the project… I kept coming back to look at it today. That little joyful face just melts me:)

  5. felicity says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOT!! I have wanted to try one for-EVER but never have πŸ™‚ you’ve inspired me to give it a go πŸ™‚ I pinned this picture a while ago and it was also taken by self timer!!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Oh I love that MILK shot! It’s on the first page of their “LOVE” book (I think that was the one). So so gorgeous.
      Good luck! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous spinning babies!