Day 137 + Abe’s birth story.

I went about today thinking it was just another day, with no signs of baby being on the way. My due date had now passed and I started to think that perhaps they had my dates wrong in my date scan (which is why they kept thinking baby was small)… I thought about the possibilities of this, and lamented slightly. When I initially had the date scan to determine when baby was due, I was surprised to discover I was 11.5 weeks pregnant. I had thought I was somewhere inbetween 6-8 weeks. I realised this could possibly mean that was still quite a few weeks off giving birth!
I felt a sense of urgency to get some work done- Adam and Ammon headed off to the train station and I proceeded to get a couple of blog posts ready to go live on our photography blog. I was uncomfortable, but nothing out of the ordinary. I felt a bit of weight on my back, being 40 weeks pregnant is tough work;)

Everyone arrived home, and I continued plodding along getting things done. Finally I headed upstairs to say hello and eat my dinner. Desley asked if anything was happening baby wise, I said “No”, then felt a poignant pain my back. I lent on the couch and said, “Um, actually, I think I am having a contraction right now”. I looked at the clock. It was 5 to 8 in the evening. I sat down and let it pass. 8pm hit, and hello, there was that pain again. We all looked at each other a little excited… I said “I’m not ready!” (in jest and in the fear of pain that strikes every woman I’m sure when it starts to happen!). We kept timing the contractions and they weren’t slowing down at all. So at 9pm, Adam and I said goodbye to Ammon and said “Next time we see you, we will probably have a little baby!” He got excited and said goodbye, and headed off down to Nanas room for snuggles.

We arrived at the hospital (after quickly shoving half my wardrobe in my hospital bag- which I had not finished packing!). Adam turned to me and asked if I would like a priesthood blessing. I got a little teary and said yes. So in the carpark of the hospital, Adam blessed me to have a quick, easy and uncomplicated birth. It was a great comfort heading into the emergency (I didn’t realise I could go straight to the birth suite, so waited in line while Adam parked the car). Finally one of the receptionist raised her eyes, and called out ot me over the queue “Maternity?” I nodded, and got the heads up to come through the door, just as Adam joined me.

So off we went. I was a little miffed I didn’t get a wheelchair;) It was a long walk to the birth suite from emergency! I felt like I was stopping every 10 meters to curl myself in half and cringe at the contracting pain. Finally we arrived and were ushered into a birthing room by a lovely midwife (after a cranky old one told me off for not calling before coming haha).

I kicked my thongs off and climbed up on the bed, a little nervous and somewhat excited. After a quick examination, and a couple of heat packs on my lower back, (oh they felt SO good!) I decided to head into the shower. I slumped into the chair and Adam ran the warm shower across my back keeping me warm and cheering me on through the contractions. I had been sitting there off in my own little world for around 20mins when all of a sudden I had that unmistakable urge to “bear down”. I frantically looked at Adam and said, “I need to get out!”  He toweled me down and helped me back up onto the bed and all of a sudden, those contractions seemed so unbearable! (For both of my births, all of the labor pain comes in the form of lower back pain… something I have not had much experience with and find so completely debilitating!

My Adam and the midwife encouraged me to climb up onto my knees and lean down over the bed head. Ouch! I whimpered with pain and said to Adam “Please turn me back, it hurts too much!” He gently reminded me that it was going to hurt however I was positioned, but at least this way gravity would be working for me instead of against me, and whispered to just try it a little longer.  (The pushing process had taken around an hour with Ammon and was so completely exhausting it knocked me out physically for weeks). All the while I’m counting through the contractions, they can only last a minute, they can ONLY last a minute. Reminding myself of this seems to make the pain so much easier to get my head around.

Very quickly, it was time to push, and unlike my first experience, I felt so confident in my body’s abilities. As I pushed for the first time I felt progress, the second time I felt bubbies head crowing, so by push three, I was determined that this time, that baby WOULD be coming out and there was to be no questions asked;)

I gritted my teeth on the sheet over the bed head (I think this freaked Adam out slightly and tried to get the sheet out of my mouth) and I pushed hard and willed that sweet baby out! As he tumbled out into the midwifes hands I couldn’t help but laugh. (I’m not sure if I’m the only one this happens to- everyone I have mentioned it to find it so odd I find it funny- but the the feeling- all I can think of is a slippery dip, and it has set me off into giggles each time I have given birth).

The only thing that I didn’t like about birthing on my knees is that I could not see Abe straight away. I missed the loveliness of seeing my beautiful messy little baby coming into the world, having him handed to me for his first embrace. I felt a little frantic that I couldn’t turn myself over strait away to look at him and snuggle with him. (Yes it was a boy!) It seemed like an eternity before I was helped around to meet him, he had already been toweled down so I missed his sweet slippery little body. (Boo!)

It was love at first sight. He looked up at me and I at him and it felt so amazing to finally meet the little person that had been boarding in my tummy for the last 9mts or so. We enjoyed a snuggle and a quick drinkie, (and daddy took this beautiful photo of our first cuddle) and then mummy started feeling very woozy and faint and threw up a couple of times (I was stoked I had not thrown up during the birth, during Ammons birth I had thrown up what felt like at least 20 times!)

I loved having Adam there again and it was nice to have a quick visit from a dear friend Naomi, who had intended on photographing the birth, but Abe had come too quickly and she had not been allowed into the birthing suite until after he was born. She took a couple of beautiful photos of him being weighed and measured and having cuddles with daddy which I was so grateful for as my body had gone into a bit of shock I wasn’t too present for a while there, and would have otherwise missed those tender moments.

So… 3hrs, 3 pushes, and that chubby 8 pound 13 ounce bubba was was here. I did it drug free for the second time round and it felt fantastic! Welcome to the world Abe, we love you so much already!







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  1. felicity says:

    he is SO beautiful!!! LOVE this gorgeous picture!!! I can’t wait to see you guys next week!!! xo