Day 197

Last night at dinner, Dad was doing his trick where he puts his hands over his face and opens them like little doors- each time the doors open, there is a new crazy face revealed. We were cracking up laughing, taking turns pulling faces. Me, Nana, Dad and Ammon. Ammon took the cake for the funniest faces (Daddy was close behind).

This morning, Ammon started up the game again and I grabbed the camera to take some shots of his funny faces. After I was finished, he wanted to take one of me. I love it! Great photo Ammon!:)

(Photo by Ammon!)

And now, the photos I took of him. Lol! I think they are even funnier with his boofy hair… I need to do something about that this week!





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2 responses to “Day 197”

  1. Rachael says:

    Great game and gorgeously cute photos, of him and you! I only just changed a long standing facebook profile photo of me that my daughter took, I always loved it because I was pulling a face that I would only have pulled for her. I think it is great to hand the camera over to the kids every now and then and get to see how they see us. Ammon’s photos are made all the more cute by the big cuddly dressing gown too. Great series!

  2. nicole says:

    I love these! Great photo by Ammon and great faces by Ammon, too. I agree, his blue robe just goes with the happy, fun mood.