Day 223

Every morning when I wake and am trying to feed Abe, Ammon insists on trying to cuddle him, grabbing at him trying to hold him- all while I’m attached and Abe is fussing trying to keep it that way!

Once he is finally allowed to get his hands on him, Ammon can’t contain himself “Oh he’s so cute mum!”, “Oh, look at him smiling!” “MUM!!! He just smiled at ME!” “Oh, that’s a bit cute!”, “He’s hugging me mum!”

It’s one massive gush fest- Oh how he loves that baby!






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2 responses to “Day 223”

  1. Amber K says:

    How beautiful! Abe is blessed to have a big brother who loves him so much.

  2. felicity says:

    that is so so cute! Ammon and Jazz are going to be besties 🙂 and I want to steal Abe. I just might do it when we move up……if he’s still little…..hahaha!