Day 250

This morning not long after we woke up, we got a text message from Nana (Desley) saying that she missed her boys- and when could we hang out. Ammon promptly called her to have a chat and proclaim his love. As they chatted, he mentioned that he built a cubby house- Nana sounded excited, then Ammon went on to explain it was ages ago, when we still lived at her house… oops. It has been a while!

As soon as we hung up, we grabbed a sheet from the cupboard, Ammon collected the pillows and toys, and we built a little house in the lounge room. We ate breakfast in the cubby, and played a while. Ammon stayed in there for the most part of the day until lunch, when we decided to go out as a family and have a lovely lunch together.

Afterwards we dropped Daddy home to get back to work, and we went for a drive in the country. It was a beautiful day! On our way home we dropped in to visit Poppa for a while.

Bub is now fast asleep in his cubby house:) I better transfer him to his bed (although I think he will be disappointed in the morning when we wakes up not in his “house”.

(The little yellow lump in the picture is Abe- hehe. He was rather happy hanging out in Ammons house).

A new game Ammon has been playing this week is “Pretend you have never seen a Fireman”. Basically, he tells me to pretend I have never seen a fireman,  then walks off behind the kitchen bench and makes a siren noise. I have to then say… “I think I can hear a fire engine in the distance!” He then marches out and I have to say something along the lines of “Wow! Are you a fireman?! I have never seen a fireman!” To which he replies “Yes, I am. Would you like to wear my hat for a photo?” Here he is taking off his hat to give me me:)

And here I am, wearing an amazing fireman hat- for the first (1000th) time. He took a pretty neat shot of Abe and I, I think!






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One response to “Day 250”

  1. Tarnya says:

    That game that you play (or a variation of it) sounds strangely familiar to me. (“Mummy, now you say….”)
    But forget being a fireman, Ammon has obviously inherited the photography gene. Great picture!