Day 252

Today was a big day. It started out with a pirate party (which I didn’t know was going to be a pirate party until yesterday-oops!) Ammons friend Jared was turning 5!

I managed to track down a friend who had a pirate costume, picked it up and came home to dress Ammon for the party. I had not mentioned the pirate theme (just in case we didn’t dress up) so when I told Ammon to finish his breaky and get into his pirate costume he nearly flipped out! He jumped and excitedly started getting dressed. As I helped him tie is sash, he exclaimed something along the lines of this being the best day ever as he “arrrred” and make other pirate notions. He was SO excited and looked so stinking cute!

After the party I dropped him round to Nana and Poppas house as they wanted to take him out to the Redlands Show today. When we were there Nana asked Ammon if he would like to sleep over. His face lit up in a shocked excitement and he spun to look at me. I nodded my approval and he returned to what he was doing and casually said “That would be alight-ful!”

Later he called me and with excitement in his voice told me he was currently standing next to a fire station. He had sat in a rescue helicopter (which didn’t go up in the air) and had been on the ferris wheel. I think it really was the best day ever!

So here we are the scallywags & me.






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4 responses to “Day 252”

  1. Mez says:

    Oh I have just discovered your website from Naomi from seven cherubs. What a beautiful project this is. I just love, love, love the idea of stopping to appreciate the little things in each day! It’s just gorgeous!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mez! Glad you are enjoying looking through. I have loved doing the project, although sometimes it is quite a challenge!

  2. Cathy says:

    LOL! I love pirate Abe!! How cute are your boys here! I can just imagine Ammon chattering away too.