Day 253

As Ammon slept over at Nanas last night, Adam and I enjoyed the best sleep in ever! Once Abe woke up, we lay in bed for a while and chatted.

Abe is such a bright spark in the mornings. He gets so excited as soon as you make eye contact with him. His whole body tenses in anticipation, waiting… The biggest grin then splashes across his chubby little face. He watches us intently and once he is spoken to he calls out as loud as he can, making sure he is heard! His little body rocks around as he excitedly chats away in baby language chatter.

Tonight we invited friends over after church for dinner and had a fab time chatting and catching up. This kids all had a ball eating together, then playing in Ammons homemade car. As they wound down a little for the night, Ammon and Akira decided to have a tea party. They are in Nursery together at church so were already quite comfortable with one another. It was so sweet to listen to their gorgeous conversations, of “Would you like more tea?” “Oh yes please” “Here you go” “Thank you”. I love seeing Ammon play so nicely with his friends:)





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2 responses to “Day 253”

  1. Lisa says:

    Such lovely pictures! I love early mornings with a sweet baby to greet the day – there is nothing like it in the world! What a sweet little tea party too. šŸ™‚

  2. Faith says:

    I just love your blog, Fiona. The photos and words about Abe today are seriously giving me baby fever. The one with him and Daddy in bed is priceless.