Day 255

While in his “fire station” tonight, Ammon refused to be photographed! It was quite amusing- sorry son, you just looked so cute in that tiny hole! And as we are collecting our new couch tomorrow (by new I mean the one I bought of gumtree for $220 and had cleaned- it’s gorgeous!) I thought it apt as a farewell old couch shot too. (Well, as old and crusty as this one is, it is super comfortable and we love it, so it is only being moved to the rumpus room!)






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2 responses to “Day 255”

  1. Talia says:

    How do you pronounce Ammon’s name? My brother’s name is Amon!

    • Fiona Murphy says:

      Hi Talia! Thanks for popping by:)

      The best way to describe how to say is name is like “Hammon” with out the “H”… or as a friend used to say, like “Salmon” with out the “S” hehe.

      I went to school with a guy named Amon! (Said Aye-mOn!)