Day 259

Today we set aside as a day for Ammon. He slept and Nanas last night- Adam went to pick him up this morning and we headed out to the Beenleigh Show. He had a great time patting the animals, and playing a few games. We watched the firefighters do a fire safety demonstration and lots of other fun things that 3yr olds like to do. We also managed to score 1.5kg of delicious strawberries for $5! (Ok that was exciting for me haha).

Ammon has been begging Adam to take him on a wedding shoot with him for the last week or so. Adam will say goodbye Ammon, I’m going to work and without fail Ammon will reply “Are you going to a wedding shoot? I can come with you! I can help you on your wedding shoot!” Hahaha so cute! We promised him today we would take him on a shoot and he could take some photos. He was SO excited! We thought we would take the opportunity to take a couple of family photos.

Adam set up the tripod and put us in position. He and Ammon would dash out to the camera, Ammon would push the button and they would race back into position. Ammon loved it. We also let him take a couple of photos on his own too. He loved being a “real” photographer for the afternoon:)

Tonight the All Blacks were playing, so Adam stayed home while Abe, Ammon and I went out to a ward party. We had a great time- Ammon and Louis had a ball running amok amongst the copious amounts of balloons!

Oh I love this one! I was helping him be brave:)

Making a call with his newly won phone.

It only turns this way!

Me and Ammon with our spoils! Woot a million strawberries and a lollie pop.

Ammon very pleased with himself that he got to push the button and help Daddy.

A photo Ammon took of me:)

And this one makes me laugh… Ammons fetish- putting his fingers in other peoples mouths (it used to be mine and Nanas mouths… these days it has progressed to a bit of a face moosh for Abe… the poor poor darling!)







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