Day 266

We have been looking forward to today for a long time. Today was the much anticipated “Construction Party” to celebrate Ammons friend Louis’ 3rd Birthday. We decided to make Ammon a “workman” vest to wear to the party. So I scrunged through Nanas cupboard and found some orange fabric, then went shopping for some “refective” ribbon and grey felt. I cut it all out and then lost steam- So I did a trade off with mum, (I worked on her new business logo, and she whipped it together for me). (You are the bestest Mum!)

Ammon was so excited to give Louie his gift and had been talking about it all week! He gave him a matching tool belt which was very well received:D The party was awesome! Sam (Louies mum) made the most amazing cake and had some very cool games planned. So cool that Ammon even participated despite his shy tendencies when it comes to large groups. Thanks Sam it was a fab afternoon!

(You can kinda see the cake in this shot- I didn’t get a clean shot of it as Adam was out shooting a wedding so I only had a cropped sensor with a 75-300 fossile of a lens:P I had to stand about 4mtrs away to get anything in frame lol- which was tricky with so many people about in a smallish space:P)

Typical Ammon style- HATES having dirty shoes. As soon as they are wet, muddy, damp, dirty- off they come for immediate cleaning.

And he couldn’t resist trying to help blow out the candles hehe.







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One response to “Day 266”

  1. Cathy says:

    Good job on the vest!! I’m sure it will get good use! (Even the idea of making one is awesome!)