Day 273

Today Ammon woke up early, and very excitedly came running into my room with a Lego instruction book for a fire helicopter. Very enthusiastically he said “We need to make it mum, come on!”. It was a book we had never come across before, but searching through the hoards of Lego, we were able to find all the pieces we needed (some were improvised) to make the chopper. Ammon was thrilled! The most exciting factor was the hose on the side of the chopper! Too cool.

Ammon was very proud all day- he took this photo of his 2 helicopters. He thought he was the luckiest boy alive!

The night before last I had a rough night with Abe. Adam took the kids and let me sleep in. I woke up being whacked in the face with these amazing lillies, and a massive grin from Ammon. He had chosen them for me at the shops. I love them and have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful aroma through the house for the last two days:)

Tonight Nana popped by and kidnapped Ammon. He was told he couldn’t sleep at her house, but he could go over and play for a while. Apparently half way though eating his dinner he said “I’m tired” and wandered off down to Nanas bedroom. After a couple of minitues, Nana followed him down to see what he was up to and he was FAST ASLEEP!!! This is the first time he has ever put himself to bed! (I think it was all a ploy to sleep at Nanas for the night… it worked;)
(Adam took this shot when he popped by to drop off some clothes for Ammon once he had fallen asleep).

Most halarious Ammon quote of the day: “I showed the girls my muscles, but they didn’t even notice them. They didn’t get excited.” Clearly we must get very excited when he shows us his muscles! We laughed and laughed when he told us:D






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One response to “Day 273”

  1. Talia says:

    Haha, awesome ploy!!