Day 286

Exhausted may not even sum up how I felt this morning… Abe was up teething for most part of the night, Ammon wasn’t feeling too well and wet his bed half way through the night, I was frazzled and feeling rather sorry for myself. Today and Tomorrow Adam is out shooting a film clip for a hip-hop artist which he has been excited about. He realised last night just before he crashed in bed, his video tripod head was missing so he had to head out early to buy one today. Bless him- he took Ammon with him so I could sleep in. He finally woke me around 10am as he had to head off down the coast to start shooting!

I tried to get a little work done, but Abe has been so needy. I had to head down to the shops to grab some things for work that I needed to courior, so I packed up the boys and off we went. Abe happy to be close to me in his sling gazing up at me, and Ammon being the perfect little angel. (He has been an absolute dream this week! No tantys, obedient and so happy go lucky!) I let him play on the playground on our way out of the shops for a while… when I called out to him it was time to leave, he came straight away and gave me no complaints at all! Unbelievable!

We lay around together this afternoon and played a while. We then headed out again to do the grocery shopping, Abe back in the sling (oh today has been his heaven!) and Ammon riding in the trolley. Abe started to fuss, and I was able to feed him in his wrap as I shopped. (oh they make life so easy).

I had completely had it and it was getting a little late to start cooking by the time we got home. So I admit- we had Maccas (eip!) for dinner:P As I snuggled feeding Abe his dinner on the couch, Ammon brought me a book to read and snuggled in beside us. “I have brought us “Happy Family” to read mum!” As I read about the happy little family, Ammon snuggled in close, smiling a sweet serene little smile, from ear to ear.

All in all, today I felt blessed to have a husband to care for me, and two beautiful boys who adore me. I am rich (even though tired beyond words) indeed.

“Mum, mum! Look at Abe and me! He loves this!”

A discreetly feeding bubba! Convenience + ! He had a lovely little nap in there too:)






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