Day 287

Busy bee’s today! A local “Family Fun Day” in the morning- complete with free rides for the kiddies, a petting zoo and a picnic under a tree. Then home for a nap… once the bub was up, it was off to Grandma’s for a quick little visit then home to cook dinner for our dinner guests, Nana and Poppa:) Phew!

The only thing that could have made today possibly any better would have been Daddy! We missed you! x

Love Nanas hands helping him hold the wiggly little ducky:)

Ammon told me he wanted to take a photo of me feeding Abe… he blows me away! He took it and then said “I’m a good atogafa mum”. He really is!!! I couldn’t have framed it better myself.

Grandma’s house is the coolest!






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One response to “Day 287”

  1. Cathy says:

    Awesome stuff Fi… Ammon will be an ‘action’ photographer – Hero Ammon! Firefighter/action photographer!