Day 293

I have forgotten to mention that Abe cut a couple of teeth a week or so back! He has just started to use them… ouch!

We had a pretty full on day today. We were up at the crack of dawn to drive daddy to the airport. He is shooting a wedding in Fiji tomorrow:D After droping him off, I thought I had better drop by to see my Nan and Pa, it’s been a while! Nan was just finishing off her breakie, so we joined in! (Thanks for feeding us Nan!) Pa, Ammon, Ae and I took a short stroll down the street to take some photos in the jackaranda flowers. Sadly Phil and Desleys hasn’t flowered too well this year, so I have been on the look out for one. They are so beautiful! I love October in Brisbane:D

After that we raced home to clean up for our “pool party” this afternoon. Lana brought us a blow up pool to enjoy. It’s been sitting at her house unused for years, and thought Ammon might enjoy it. We invited Emma and Oscar to come over for a swim (well, more a wade) and some strawberry milkshakes! Yum! We had a lovely afternoon chatting while the boys played.

I treated myself to some flowers today (I’ll take a shot of them tomorrow). Oh I love fresh flowers in the house! The lift the mood and look so pretty and inviting sitting on the table. (I figured since Adam is living it up in Fiji, I could treat myself;)

We then had dinner with Phil and Desley… it’s been a big day and I should totally be in bed! x

Ammon has learnt how to write my name and is very excited about it! (He is amazing, I haven’t shown him how to write it for months, and yesterday he decided to start practicing again. He only had one letter wrong, so I told him what to do and he did it. I love this little series, it’s like  1. I love the chuffed expression on his face:) 2: “It says youuuuuuu” 3: “And meeeeeeee”

Bye Daddy! We will miss you!





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