Day 305

Yesterday Adam mentioned he needed to pop out to pick up some new hard-drives for our yearly business backups. He took Ammon with him.

He returned home with a massive grin, and a little brief case in hand… there was no hard-drives in sight! The cheeky monkey! He had been planning this for months and hoping that it would arrive before he left for Fiji again tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to snap a shot of it yesterday, but tonight as we packed his bag together, I managed to get a shot of my beautiful gift! (I think this will cover my birthday and Christmas for the next few years at least:P)

Every time Adam has to travel for work, I am cameraless. I lament “My project! What will I shoot with?!”. The last couple of times he has left his spare camera with me, but this time he couldn’t. It couldn’t have arrived in better time:) (As he had ordered it so long ago, he was starting to sweat-it that it wouldn’t arrive in time. Yay!

I had NO idea! Well played Adam well played:D

(Love you!)

Both of these shots below are taken with my brand spanking new, nifty little EOS M 😀

Not bad! Not bad at all!





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