Day 311

I’m loving watching Abe feed himself. He is not so interested in being spoon fed. He wants to hold his food and do it himself. I tried to feed him some mashed pumpkin and sweet potato a couple of days back, but he would not open his mouth for me to get the spoon in. Instead, he would have to hold the spoon himself, and put it in is own mouth.

Today he happily munched away on an arrowroot biscuit- happily stuffing it in his face. It seems baby lead weening will be the drill for this little guy. Tonight he loved his soft steamed carrot sticks. I might try him on some broccoli tomorrow:)

(How cute is this bib?! I bought it from the Mammas Markets on Saturday:)

Lana kindly brought some lollipops for us to work today. Ammon got into trouble for sneaking one after he had already eaten one. (He had brought one to me and asked if he could eat it… I had said no, and that he wouldn’t like that flavour anyway). I later found the lollipop ditched in the bathroom sink. Not long after that he was carrying on because I had said he could not have another lollipop (I am being kind- he was being wild! Having one of the biggest tantrums he has had in a long time) I sent him to his room and he was smashing on the door, ranting and going nuts. This went on for quite a while, and finally the room went a little silent. I passed Abe to the girls and went and lay on Ammons bed, picked up the nearest book (one that I have not read to Ammon much) and started reading. As luck would have it, first page in…

“Just Sally by herself makes one. She has one lollipop and one pink hat…”

Oh oh. I skipped past the lollipop part… and continued reading. By this stage, Ammon had calmed right down and was listening.

“Mum, you forgot the lollipop part…”

I read the lollipop part- there was no mention from him about HIS lollipop. I continued reading. Soon he picked himself up off the floor, and climbed onto the bed beside me and snuggled up to read the rest of the story. I collected Abe for the second reading, and we enjoyed snuggling together reading a while.





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