Day 314

Today was horrifying. Whilst cooing over Abe as he woke up on our bed, we heard a terrifying cry. We raced out to see what was going on and noted Ammons cry was coming from out the front. (whereas a moment before he had been in the TV room).

Adam put two and two together and said- “Ammon has fallen out the window!” and bolted out the front. He was right:( Ammon was running up the front stairs covered in blood. He fell 3.6mtrs head first onto the concrete path.

In my head, that fall should have killed him. But here he was, completely coherent, aware of what was happening and sobbing like crazy. We rang “000” and prayed as the ambulance made its way to us. I literally felt ill. My head was spinning, and I thought I might at any moment pass out or throw up or both as I sat holding and comforting him waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Ammon was so brave- he had to lay still as the ambulance crew checked him over and put a neck brace on him. He was scared and crying.  Adam wispered to him asking him if he trusted his Daddy. Ammon said yes and Adam whispered “You trust Dad, and Dad trusts the amublance people. You can trust them too, they are going to help you.” Although still crying, Ammon calmed right down and lay still as they put his drip in and strapped him onto the stretcher.

Adam then told Ammon he had to go in the ambulance to the hospital “But I don’t want to go to hospital!”, he assured him it was ok and Mum would be with him. Ammon then said quite frankly “No thanks, I will just go in Mums car.” We all had a bit of a giggle at that… He went in the ambulance and was so brave!

Once we arrived at the hospital, Ammon had to have a CAT scan, then Phil and Adam gave bub a Priesthood Blessing. I am SO grateful for the blessings of the Priesthood in my life. I am SO grateful that Heavenly Father was watching out for my little boy, and am SO grateful for all the prayers that were sent our way today from loving family members and friends. He has a small fracture on his skull, but the fact that my little boy is alive and recovering well to me is nothing short of a miracle, and I am grateful that God saw fit to leave him on earth for us at this time.

As Adam had to head off for a couple of hours after we arrived at the hospital, Desley jumped in a cab and came across the bridge to the childrens hospital to help me with the boys, and give me some moral support. I am so grateful for her- and for my Mum for calling around my sisters to rally them in prayer for Ammon.

Ammon had a lovely night in the ward- the beautiful girls from “Radio Lollipop” (a volunteer organisation to bring cheer into the childrens hospital wards) came around with some paints and cutout dolls for Ammon to paint which he loved. He even had a few smiles, and before we left, I lay Abe on the bed for him to cuddle- this brought laughter to my boys and they enjoyed a happy little cuddle together.

I am so blessed x

This beautiful shot was taken by Adam- I can’t remember who he said all the people were, but Daddy was the blue guy on the left, Ammon was the greeny-gold dude he is pointing to, and I was the red and pink chick on the right end:) He did an awesome job painting with his left hand too! (His right arm is in a brace to keep his drip in place).





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One response to “Day 314”

  1. Tarnya says:

    Oh Fiona. How absolutely dreadful. For all of you. :(.
    I know exactly how it feels to hold a bloodied, injured child and wait for an ambulance. Gutwrenching.
    Look at your poor, wounded little soldier 🙁 He must be one very tough little boy to be happily crafting after a fall like that.
    Get well soon Ammon!