Day 317

Ammon was a little fragile today. He fell down a few times, and even though he normally would have gotten back up and kept playing (it takes a bit for him to cry) he would sob “I don’t want to go back to hospital!” Each time it took a while to calm him down and assure him we didn’t need to go back for scraping his knee or banging his head lightly, but if we did need to, it would be ok. Poor little man:(

Charlie “fell down and bonked his head like Ammon too” so he needed a little TLC today. Ammon took very good care of him.

(If you are wondering why there is a heart on his bed, he told me he wanted it put there last night. “It’s for me, and you. Because I love you… And now my bed is for boys AND girls, and ladies and turkeys” haha).

He needed his “muscles” checked.

A bit of panadol…

And his ears checked too.

Ammon has been very self conscious of his bruised face. He waltzed into the office wearing his sunnies (which he NEVER wears) and told me he was a hero. I agreed that he looked like a hero, and told him that I couldn’t see his bruises when he wore his glasses. He liked that idea, and wore them around a while- acting like a hero of course.

Someone then called the hero, to call him out to an emergency. This hero is a rather busy one I must say!





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