Day 320

Today was filled to the brim with lots to do and places to go.

Daddy had left a box in the lounge… it was commandeered by a cute little stripy boy and then commissioned to be made into an aeroplane! The plane got it’s propella sorted and also a steering wheel (that turns the baldes- woop woop!). We searched and searched for Ammons drop sheet to do some painting on but could not find it. So the plane was put on the back burner for a while, and Ammon decided to play with the play-doh we made yesterday instead. Not long after I had left him, a little call came ringing out from the kitchen… “Mum! Come and look at my pussy cat!” Eeeee! So awesome:D

Louie then came over to play for an hour. I loved hearing them cracking up laughing together over something funny they were telling each other quietly as they enjoyed eating some fruit salad out on the deck. I love seeing him with his best friend:)

As louis was leaving, Adam’s Aunty Kath came by with Sienna to play for a while:) The kids play beautifully together! They stayed a couple of hours, then we all went up and met up with Adams cousin (Siennas mama) at Ikea. Ammon and Sienna armed themselves with a shopping list each and a pencil and literally ran from display to display furiously writing on their papers. Ammon was measuring up the furniture, and then taking notes. SO CUTE!

Ammon declaired the rug looked like “Juicy juicy green grass” and decided to take a bite;)

Tash’s brand new bubba Hudson is beautiful! I had abe strapped to me to had a little kiss with him but cant wait for a long lovely cuddle next time we catch up:)

Back and home, whist cooking dinner, we decided to get stuck into painting the plane… We ended up taping some paper to deck as a drop sheet. Ammon is an amazing painter. I forced myself not to intervene at all in his paint job. He was having a ball, and doing a fab job!






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