Day 328

I love the imagination of children.

While driving home after going flying this afternoon, Ammon exclaimed “The moon is following us!!! It must be attached to the roof of our car with a looong blue rope! Or maybe it’s a balloon!”

We had SO much fun taking these shots. Ammon has been begging for us to take a photo of him in his Bi-plane. I asked if he wanted to wait until his bruise had gone and he said “No, cause I can show people the photos and say “That’s my bruise!”” Haha such a boy!

Start your engines!


“More delays! Pilot, I think we need a runway to actually take off…”

Ammon painted the plane all by himself! The wings, wheels and propellers were all painted by him with no assistance or direction on colour. He did such a fab job! He also stuck on the wheels unassisted as I was distracted making dinner. (The white isn’t paint btw- that was the colour of the cardboard we used for the wings). I must say, I’m pretty proud of my propellas- they turn with the steering wheel inside the plane:D Weee so much fun!) The inspiration for making the plane was Ammon watching one of his playschool DVDs recently. The song “flying through the air” has been stuck in our heads for weeks- I love hearing Ammon singing it quietly to himself as he plays. It’s such a relaxing pretty song.

Up up and away!

I LOVE this one!!!

And seeing as this post is already out of control picture wise, I’m going to add another photo I took earlier today… before Adams portrait shoot post-poned (which was awesome because we got this amazing afternoon to ourselves!!!).

My boys sharing one of our delicious home made ice-blocks (watermelon, strawberry and freshly squeezed orange juice- our favourite!!!)








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5 responses to “Day 328”

  1. Kylie Giggins says:

    Wow wow wow. Stunning, amazing, gorgeous. Beautiful light, beautiful scenery, gorgeous children, brilliant photography. You are a genious. I hope these photos make it to your walls. They are gorgeous and brilliant and so full of happiness and fun and joy.

  2. Rachael says:

    Wow and wow, these are crazy cool! All of them are fab, but I especially love the second one and the flying one with both the boys.

  3. oh these are truly magical. ok i really did a double take at the flying ones!!!!! 🙂 the light is just glorious and the plane is SO cute – what a great job he did on it! your beautiful boys… what a fun time they had and love their memories captured like this!

  4. Lana says:

    Haha, I LOVE Abe looking apprehensive about Ammon’s piloting skills.

    Props to your propeller and plane making skills to Mumma!

    I also appreciate the accessorising complete with glasses and matching scarves.

    I think I’ll have to book a ticket on A&A Airways for my dream trip to Paris.


  5. felicity says:

    oh my goodness!! I love everyone single one of these pictures (oh except maybe the crazy face one…..hahaha)! The ones of Ammon flying solo in the air…..magical!! I fully expect to see them blown up on his wall when we arrive!!!! xo