Day 331

Today was a day of firsts. Ammons first “day” at kindy, and Abes first trip to the beach! (Well, we didn’t get too close to the water as it was a bit windy and chilly, but he did have a taste of the sand… which he seemed to quite enjoy!:/ These boys are chalk and cheese!) (Ammon was horrified when I first put him in sand and demanded to be picked up and have his hands wiped).

Ammon had a ball at kindy playing with the other kids, painting, playing on the jungle gym. He made friends with a little girl named Hannah, who unfortunately was not one of the kids visiting- meaning she is off to school next year. Ammon has informed me that I have to take him to the same school as her after he finished kindy and I have to take him to her! Haha. Love at first sight at 3yrs old? She ran up to us to show us how to use the monkey bars when we first arrived, and after monkeying across then flicking her legs up and hanging upside down, Ammon was sold. She was his new best friend. (Although her regular best friend, a sweet shy little girl, didn’t seem too keen on this new friendship, and I’m sure was quite sure she was happy she only had to share her Hannah for a day;)

He did everything he possibly could, running from activity to activity. Clay, then beads, then kitchen play, then building roads, then digging in the sand pit, then riding on the “truck” some of the boys had constructed, directing traffic, drawing… he had the best day of his life;) He is going to love kindy and I feel really happy that he had such a great experience today. When the kids all sat down for lunch, all the visiting children sat at the same table. The mums were all standing around chatting. I took the lid off Ammons lunch box and placed it in front of him. Without looking up he reached for his lunch and causally said “I think I love you mum”, then took a bite out of his cracker. All the mums gushed how adorable he was and I was all, “Yeah, I know!” 😉

It was really hot today, so we decided to catch a ride to the beach with Adam (he had a photoshoot) and play while he worked. We walked around and enjoyed a small serving of chippies together. Once Adam was done we headed out to dinner together as a family (our first attempt with Abe… it was fairly well smooth sailing with only a couple of squawks:) It was a lovely evening!

Getting dressed and very excited for his first day at Kindy.

He was loving their painting set up.

He said his painting was “The inside of a rubbish truck… see all the yukky stuff?”.

Ammon in his element- creative play!

I can’t believe I fed Abe a chip:P Oops, he loved it!

Apparently sand is quite tasty too… enough to go back for a second helping!

My beautiful boy!

Getting anxious looking up at the high rises… “People could fall out of those windows…” Poor bubba.

Out to dinner! The only thing that kept the Abe from crying was a battery operated candle! He was very fascinated.

My amazing Potato and Apple pizza!

Thanks for a lovely night out my Mr.!






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