Day 336

We had a busy day today. It started with cubbies under the table… (and a sneaky baby trying to pinch Ammons breakfast! He managed to grab a handful of wheetbix that he happily munched away on!)

Then shopping which resulted in one completely crashed out little boy.

Then I went off to my beautiful friend Emmas baby shower with the Abe-miester. Then it was home to our ward Christmas party #1 at the park!

When we arrived, my lovely friend Cathy had sewn our boys matching shirts to sport! Don’t they look amazing?! (Thank you!)

Then it was off to the party part 2 at the chapel. We had such a lovely CRAZY day, but missed Daddy (He is in Fiji shooting another wedding again!) I was one tired mama tonight!

Ammon excitedly opening his present from Santa (chocolate haha).

And off playing with his bestie Louis.

To top the night off, Ammon got to sleep over at Nanas!





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