Day 338

So we told Ammon Santa isn’t real… he was a bit disappointed and told some other kids- who assured him that Santa is real (oops lol). We had a chat about it and said that if he wants to, we can pretend Santa is real, just like we pretend Charlie (his bear) can talk. He was very happy with this arrangement, and has since, reverted back to believing in Santa. Everytime we see someone dressed up he says “Se he IS real!”.

So yeah, we believe in Santa.

When I was still pregnant with Abe, a beautiful girlfriend gave me an old rocking chair. It needed a little TLC and has just been sitting out on the deck. Ammon and I decided months ago to spray paint it red. We bought the paint but time always seems to get away from us.

Today, I made the declaration that today was the day to paint the chair! After a very sticky hot day, we welcomed the fresh outdoor breezes that come late into the afternoon. We had fun painting the chair together. Ammon was mortified when he got some paint on his hands… “I need to go and wash it off NOW” I said we should wait till we had finished but he was already racing off to clean himself. And here I was thinking he was cured of his pedantic “hands must remain clean” faze. (As a baby this was halarious- and somewhat annoying. As soon as anything- from sand, to dirt, to food, to paint somehow managed to get on his hands, I was met with “Eh, eh… EH!” desperately holding his hands out to me grunting at me with a pained expression on his face. They had to be cleaned before we could proceed eating or whatever activity it was we were doing. I still catch him every now and then freaking out about having dirty hands- but he little more relaxed about it than he used to be!

So anyway, we finished the first coat of the chair… It looks rockin’! (Excuse the pun;). We decided we would put a little sign on it saying Santas Chair, just for December.

Tonight for Family Home Evening we told the nativity story (as in Luke 2). Ammon loved it and acted it out with our little nativity set. He agreed that the Angels singing to the shepherds must have been so beautiful, and he would have ran to see baby Jesus too. He wanted me to repeat the story a few times, and we enjoyed chatting about the events and singing some Christmas carols.

It was such a lovely night!

And here are the beautiful flowers I gifted myself today! They look so amazing on the table! Was stoked they only cost $10 (Usually when I buy sunflowers they are $3 a stem… so 5 for $10 was too good to pass up!)

Cutie patoodi!







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