Day 350

Today was so much fun. We made a cardboard house… we had WAY too many deliveries this week, and it seemed a shame to recycle all the boxes without having some fun first!

So the morning started with a bit of craft, then off to the fruit shop to get some yummies for the week, then up to the city to catch up with and finally meet some of the amazing ladies who have kept me motivated and excited about my “Documenting Delight” journey this year.

(Unfortunately I didn’t get too many photos, before my camera battery died (yep that is great organisation there for you;) but thank you to Kylie and Tarnya for taking a couple of piccys of my boys playing:)

After our DD party, I dropped Ammon off at a Christmas party Nana was attending, put Abe to be and Adam and I chilled out and watched a movie and ate some rocky road… mmmm. Pretty amazing day all around!


Painters crack! I couldn’t resist haha.

Getting closer to completion… someone was VERY excited about his new “home”.

Then he went a little nuts and wildly danced around the house a few mins…

When we arrived at the park, Ammon had just woken from a nap in the car (the excitement of the morning had caught up with him), so was a little timid to start playing with the other kids right away, but was fixated on the kids climbing the trees (there was at least 5 little ones hanging out of the tree!) We have been talking about climbing trees lately, and he has been very excited by the thought of it. In our area, there are mostly mango trees (the branches seem really high) or gum trees- neither of which are suitable for a 3yr old to climb. He finally picked up the courage to climb up into the tree with the other kids and was very pleased with himself. I was so happy for him, I practically lived in trees as a little girl, there was no place outside of my home I was happier.

Abe was enjoying being outside and didn’t really fuss the whole time we were there! He was too busy engorging himself of a large bowl of fruit salad I had prepared. The kids at the park enjoyed showing bubba Abe with love- he was rather enjoying being the centre of attention. Here he is trying out a gingernut biccie for the first time… I’m not sure he was too impressed!





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One response to “Day 350”

  1. Rachael says:

    Wow, that house is so, so awesome and the painter’s crack is too cute. Getting a new house is pretty exciting, so it deserved a dance for sure! It was lovely to meet you yesterday, I have loved being a part of this group as well so it is great for some of us to be able to meet in person 🙂