Day 353

The weather today was yet again unrelenting! Crazily muggy, and so unbearable! We messaged our friends Emma and Oscy to see if they wanted to hit up the rock pools with us this afternoon. They agreed and it was SO nice to be out of the house and keeping a little cooler. Abe is such a happy little dude when outside!

Ammon a little cautious to begin with but was soon splashing around having a ball and constantly chanting “Osssky!!!! Osssssssky!” Haha.

I had to take my shots sneakily today as he was NOT in the mood for having his picture taken:P

And here are our beautiful friends. We have only known these guys for 4 months or so, yet they have been such a blessing in our lives already- love your realness Em and our random chats about nothing and everything:) I love how Heavenly Father knows our needs and meets them through amazing friends.

Ammon enjoying his choccy milkshake- thanks Emma!

The boys were even afforded the luxury of feeling cold after their swim! (I wish I had felt the same:P)

After our friends left, we spent a little time exploring the surrounding areas then thought we best be getting home to cook some dinner! 😛 Ammon was very excited when he saw the buoys in the water and exclaimed they were submarines!





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