9/52 (2013)

It was rainy sort of week, so we didn’t get out much. Ammon had kindy 3 days- and was desipite a few tears, was happy to go to kindy, and each day came home and declared with resolution- “I’m NOT going to cry about going to kindy EVER again!”… There were a couple of tears the next day, but he came home with the same resolve. He is trying hard to get past this hurdle and get on with life. We have been praying together that he would be brave and that Heavenly Father would help him make some good friends. We prayed that he would be able to overcome his shyness, and be brave enough to play with lots of kids so he make some best friends. (He has always had a fear of big groups, so this is has been a major hurdle for him. The first few weeks he loved kindy, but I think he started feeling a little lost not having really connected with any other kids (he enjoys observing for a while- but hey, that has to get lonely day in day out:( This week coming home he had more confidence and said to me, “I’m not going to pray about kindy anymore.” I asked him why and he said “’cause Heavenly Father helped me find some friends already, Thomas, Abby, Harley, Jayden… LOTS of kids!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Here he is dragging his feet slowly eating his breakfast on Monday to avoid getting ready for kindy (it got better as the week wore on!).

In the meantime, Abe was getting busy making a mess in the puddles on the deck.

Ammon feeding Abe dinner while I prepared tea for the rest of the family- thank you bubba.

This kid eats EVERYTHING!

We started setting up Abes room this week, and moved his cot in there… he still wakes copious amounts of times during the night… but at least we are not waking him AND we can hang out in our room at night! So novel! I feel like a bit of a zombie- and somehow last night he ended up back in my bed. I woke thinking Ammon must have climbed into bed with us- only to discover it was Abe! I have zero recollection of walking to his room, picking him up, or going back into my room with him, or feeding him haha. Just for an idea of how utterly tired I have been!

He loves his rocking chair:)

On Saturday, Aunty Kath and Sienna popped over forย  a while. The kids made this cubby all by themselves and set up their picnic. So funny- I have no idea where the fabric rolls came from! Sienna nearly got taken out by a pole when it came crashing down haha. I love the cone ontop! (Not quite sure how on earth they got it up there!)

Playing with some toys, waiting to go out for dinner with the family:)

The boys enjoying their cubby after Church today. It is looking a little worse for ware! Abe has taken a liking to the cubby, and when he sees it, races off crawling full speed and disappears inside! He soon re-emerges through the window with a cheeky look on his face. The front is getting rather bowed! We might need to go box shopping soon!







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2 responses to “9/52 (2013)”

  1. Melissa says:

    hahaha – you still have little bird!
    and I love that cute little face peeking up over the cubbie window!

  2. Melissa says:

    Morgan and I just came on tonight wondering if you are still blogging over here. good on you. once a week – good plan ๐Ÿ™‚