11/52 (2013)

A trip to the pet store. Abe loved the fish! A pussy cat patted his hand… he did not love that… at all!

Bub turned 10mths,  took 2 steps and HUGGED me for the very first time. His warm little arms around my neck and his body leaning into my was a sweet sweet feeling. Ah, hopefully this is the start of something a little more common.

Personalities are a funny thing. Ammon always loved a cuddle. I would pick him up and call him my koala, as his little arms and legs would wrap around me tightly (oh it was so lovely!) Abe not so much. He is much more of a people person than Ammon, he loves to be touched and stroked and sometimes snuggled… but NOT “cuddled”. He cannot stand it- he instantly pushes away and starts to fuss.

Yep, that 7 seconds of feeling his arms around me was complete bliss!

(Ammon named these fish, “Buzzy Bee ones”. Hehe).

Ammon has been telling me about drink umbrellas for a while now. I secretly bought some (as they are apparently the coolest things in all the world) to surprise him in his drink, but forgot about them. I was sitting at my desk this week working on some client images and Ammon came in and saw the photo on my screen and got extreemly excited. (The couple were “Cheers”ing and Ammon declared that we should get a drink each and chink it together, right that instant). I told him to go get some cups and I would meet him in the kitchen.

He placed the cups on the bench and filled them with water. I then told him to go to the couch and wait for me, and I had a surprise for him. He ran away giggling and kept trying to peek at what I was doing. (All the while laughing into a cushion, still trying to peek and what I was up to). I came over with come cordial and the excitement peeked. “MUM!!!! We need some umbrellas and some straws!!!” (I think he had seen the umbrellas on playschool). He then proceeded to say he would get the straws, and we would make some umbrellas and it would be “easy”. I sent him to get the straws, and snuck out some brollys! He came to pop the straws in the drink and was delighted to find the real umbrellas in our drinks.

So we finally sat down and clinked our drinks together and enjoyed a cool cordial on a hot day. The whole little fiasco only took 10mins or so, but he was grinning from ear to ear, laughing and relishing being so lucky as to have cordial, a straw AND an umbrella…. and the undivided attention of his mama of course:)

He was also “super” at the supermarket. He ran up and down that baby telling me to “take a photo mum!”. I think he was feeling pretty speedy and REALLY cool!







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2 responses to “11/52 (2013)”

  1. Rachael says:

    Great umbrella story, so cute, I love those little umbrellas too 🙂 Baby Abe is getting so big, that second last photo of him is gorgeous. But I do love that last action shot, very cool!

  2. Talia says:

    Oh, the simple things in life! I love that he is so excited about cordial and umbrellas! May that joy in the simple things last him a long time!

    And aren’t baby hugs just the BEST?! Lior gives them to me often now (he’s just turned 14 months), and it is just the most special thing. 🙂