14/52 (2013)

Daddy was away shooting a wedding in Ayr this weekend. We were chillin’ at home. Ammon went down on the stairs to water the Basil…

Abe welcomed him home.

They both went out on the deck to stick plastic stickers on the glass and Ammon was hitting Abe in the face with a sticker… I was about to tell him to stop, when I realised Abe thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. (What a face!).

Then they played a little peek a boo through the glass.

I am loving watching their little relationship blossom. Half the time Ammon is pushing Abe out of the way, and Abe is protesting wanting to join in the fun… but when chaos isn’t reining, they play so beautifully together and I love hearing their giggles ringing throughout the house.





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One response to “14/52 (2013)”

  1. Melissa says:

    LOVE all the pics as usual. and the delight in playing together. OH how little brothers just adore their big brothers!