15/52 (2013)

This week there were a few firsts…

Abe said Ammon for the first time, well, about 5 times as he happily crawled towards his brother. On speaking to Ammon about it later, I asked him how it made him feel. He relied “Great?” So I rephrased my question… “How did it make your heart feel?”. He replied “Like a butterfly.” Awwwwwww

I was sitting at my desk and Ammon was happily working away beside me, (playing with the aircon remote). He turned to me pointing to a word on the remote, and said, “Mum, does this say On?” I looked over and as he did, he was spelling it out pointing to the F’s. “FFFfffff” he sounded. I replied, no it doesn’t say ‘On’, but you are saying the F’s, what is the letter before that?”… “O”. “Well what sound does ‘o’ make? “Oh…Fffff” (Eyes lit up and then darted to me) “OFF! It says OFF!!!” The delight written on his face was a joy to behold. We then looked at the word “On”, and I reminded him the same letters were in his name, and what sound did they make… he got it. He can now officially read his first two words from working them out. (He has been able to read our names for a long time- but only by sight, not by sound:) We are ready to kick off our learning to read!

(I had asked him in passing a couple of weeks ago, if he would like me to teach him how to read. He said yes, and had been talking about the sounds letters make, but we had yet to sit down and start out sight learning”.

Also, Abe started walking- well more than a couple steps. Give him a week or so and he will be off!

On other news, General conference today was inspiring. I’m feeling inspired to deepen my relationship with my Savior, be a better wife, and a mother with a more listening heart. Yep, I need to switch off from the world more and delight in my babies. They are growing oh so quickly.


My favourite talks were:

The Words We Speak By Rosemary M. Wixom

Marriage: Watch and Learn By Elder L. Whitney Clayton

There were many others too that left me feeling lifted, and ready to better myself and move forward, but these resonated with me the most at the moment.I hope they leave you feeling lifted too:)









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