29/52 (2013)

Life has been pretty busy lately. When looking through the calendar a couple of weeks back, we noticed that there was a day, a single day where we had absolutely no appointments, shoots or clients, so we quickly took the opportunity to lock it out and escape as a family for the day!

For a long time, Ammon has been wanting to go and see a real lighthouse, so we decided to head down the coast to Byron Bay to check out the lighthouse. As it was a Thursday (which is traditionally our “Louie Day”) we decided to asked Louies mum if he could come along with us. Ammons face when we told him Louis was coming was priceless! They had the best time together, and it was delightful to listen to them chatting away and laughing together the whole ride down the coast.

Although it was sunny and gorgeous at home, it was a little more miserable down the coast, we had thankfully just missed the rain, but because of the weather, the Lighthouse tours were cancelled. (Well, you had to be 5yrs anyway- so we have had to promise to take him again once he turns 5!). The lighthouse keeper was lovely, and lead us outside with his binoculars to check out the whales passing by. Ammon had brought his too, so we all enjoyed looking out into the rainy sea, looking for the long white splashes which were breaching whales:) (The were a little too far away to see much detail, but I did manage to catch a glimpse of a tail- the boys weren’t so lucky). They enjoyed looking at the whale watching boat speading around out on the ocean, and both got way too excited when they saw a little sea plane fly past!

To finish up a gorgeous afternoon, we sat down by the car to eat some fruit snacks and were joined by a cheeky magpie looking for a bite to eat. He ate out of mine and Louies hands which was very cool! (I did not expect a magpie to like kiwifruit, but he proved me wrong and kept coming back for more! He was a beautiful bird!

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur- kindy, work, 3 doctors appointments (blegh!) But Thursday, oh yes Thursday… THAT was awesome!


We asked Ammon to take a photo of us- he told us where to stand, then said “Now look at each other, and smile!” We laughed and he got his shot:) (I was impressed with the framing too I must add!) We showed Ammon the photo he had taken on the back of the camera, and he casually said “That’s a portrait shoot.” Haha yes it is son!

I asked Ammon to come and have a photo with me. He picked me a flower as he walked to join me. Such a sweet boy!








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2 responses to “29/52 (2013)”

  1. Shannon says:

    Beautiful photos! Gorgeous lighting and your little ones are
    so handsome! It looks like a fun day was had by all.

  2. Rachael says:

    All of these photos are wonderful, it looks like a great trip down to the lighthouse and makes me want to go. It looks like the wet weather kept everyone else away which is sometimes a good thing at Byron! The lighthouse at Fingal is a great one to visit too if Ammon’s interest in lighthouses continues. As much as I love the photos you have taken, my favourite is one that Ammon took, his instructions were perfect and how nice is it to have a photo of you and your husband together for a change…plus a bonus Abe 🙂