Our first official “School Holidays” April 2014

Leading up the the school holidays, Ammon started getting a little defiant and rather stroppy… it was obvious the school routine was wearing on him and he was desperate for a little family time and some rest and relaxation. Adam and I had a chat and decided to book out a week of the hoilday and take the kids away to a farm somewhere… so the hunt began and after a while, I found the perfect little place! Presenting the Cosy Cow Farm Stay. It was AMAZING! We can’t wait to go back, it had everything we were looking for- animals for our animal loving boys, LOTS of space to run around, and beaches nearby.

We loved our stay so much we ended up deciding to stay an extra night- the boys loved feeding the animals and collecting fruit and eggs and playing outside on the beautiful property. The home cooked breakfast each day was the icing on the cake- delicious! Ammons comment the day we were leaving- “It’s great we don’t have to make breakfast these days!” I laughed and reminded him we were back to weetbix when we got home;)

Ammon was feeding the chickens some scraps one afternoon and came running over to Adam and exclaimed “That chicken was eating my toast from breakfast, with vegemite on it! It was eating my egg from breakfast too!!!” The fact that the chicken was eating it’s own egg sent him into serious giggles! The look on his face was priceless!

Ammon has decided he is going to be a farmer (not the first time we have heard this one) and Abe was so completely in his element, I think he will be right beside him in that one! Abe LOVED taking care of the animals, he is completely fearless and in his own world when it comes to animals- even the cows and massive bulls didnt faze him- he was right up in their faces chatting to them and reaching out his little hands to pat them. His exclamations of “Farm! Am-an-als! Happy!” were the best. When we arrived at the farm he could not contain his excitement. He went absolutely nuts, kisses hugs, crazy faces and silly dances. (Crazy out of character!)

We had day a gorgeous day trip out to a lovely little beach out at Iluka, but our highlight of the holiday was staying out until sunset helping farmer Wayne and Julie look after and feed the animals. It was absolutely magical.

Some highlights:

– Sitting around the campfire, watching the eclypse together and telling Ammon how sometimes the earth and sun plays shadow puppets on the moon.
– On our third and final night of our stay, our independent, I sleep alone, not at all snuggly Abe, climbed up into bed with Ammon and snuggled in to read a book with him. Adam left the room and no noise followed. A few moment later we dared to peek around the door and found them snuggled up heads together fast alseep:)
– On the way home, Abe started saying something two syllables and that we couldn’t quite make out, each time he would say it he would start laughing hysterically. We aimlessly tried to guess what he was saying. We finally figured out he was saying “Cow butt” and we all lost it. (The mail box at the farm was an old drum that had been painted like a cows rear end. Each time we would drive past, Ammon would call out “cow butt” and laugh). Cheeky monkeys.


















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