The big boys camping trip

This weekend Adam took Ammon camping. We’ve been super busy working the last few months and Ammon and Daddys time together has been stretched a little thin, we had a Friday afternoon free up a couple of days in advance and Adam jumped at the opportunity to plan a little getaway with Ammon.

The background story on their “ride”… last year Adam took his car in for a major service, for major services, BMW give you a loan car for wonderful convenience… One day, Adam dropped the car off and the dealer said, “If you have have dropped your car off 10 mins earlier I could have given you a convertible for the day!” Adam came home and told me in passing and Ammon overheard our conversation- ever since then, he has been begging us to get a convertible for a day haha. I used to hire cars quite a bit to shoot my solo weddings (when I used to shoot). Adam had mentioned that he wanted to take bub camping, and then a wonderful Andy’s Auto Rentals newsletter hit my inbox with the cutest mini convertible you ever did see (granted it was yellow… next time I begging for the yellow!) A secret plan was hashed and all Ammon knew was that Dad had something special planned (he had decided that the special plan was Daddy taking him to the movies…)

So come Friday afternoon Adam rocked up to school to pick Ammon up in the mini. The kid saw the car and danced his way over to it- he was so crazy excited it was awesome:D We then broke the news they were going camping and well, lets just say he was crazy excited!

They went up to Mt Tamborine camping for the night- had fish and chips for dinner and watched a movie in the tent before falling asleep snuggling:) All afternoon Ammon kept exclaiming how he is going to be a good boy forever, and that this was the best day ever. He loved spending some much needed boy time with his Daddy. (Adam felt slightly like he was having a mid-life crisis driving a convertible as a single man with a kid for two days haha).

The next morning, Abe, Elijah and I headed up to meet them for breakfast, and to help them pack up the tent (I say help loosely- I played with the kids while Adam packed the tent). We then went to the Skywalk, which we hadn’t done before. Slightly overrated- the boys were quite freaked out by the suspended walkways- surprisingly moreso Abe, but I must say that the Cafe had INCREDIBLE ice-chocolates! (The kind with all ice-cream and no ice;)

It was a really fabulous weekend:D

IMG_9863IMG_2676 IMG_2674 IMG_9860IMG_2670   IMG_9879IMG_9869IMG_9902IMG_9896IMG_9917


This is Abe not enjoying the suspended walkways, and not happy about having the moment photographed haha.






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