I’m a stay at home mummy living in Brisbane Australia. My husband Adam and I, are expecting a new little one to join our family this year. You will “meet” him (or her) soon. Ammon is excited to be becoming a big brother, and we are all really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives beginning:) (Admittedly, I am a little nervous!;)

Other stuff:

– I draw, I’m pretty good at it… My field of study was traditional hand drawn animation, it was awesome!

– I play the violin, albeit quite badly haha.

– A major part of my life is my love for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am a devout Mormon, (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). I love the teachings of Jesus Christ and the peace and joy they bring me.

– Along with being a stay home mum, I also help my husband Adam with the behind the scenes aspect of our photography business, Deep Grey. We started out as a shooting team in 2005, but I “retired” once we had our son. A decision I do not regret! I always knew that being a mum would be my first priority – I’m a traditional sort… (So this project is a bit of guilt free indulgence for me:P) It is such a blessing to have a husband that can support our family by doing what he loves, and even better that we can spend so much time together as a family during the week! (… And lets be honest, the benefits of casual photos like the one below rock! This images was taken on the side of a highway in New Zealand while road tripping) Adam is amazing, but of course I am biased;)

As a resolution this year, I want to simplify my life and focus more on lifes pleasures. I want to practice gratitude more fully, and document the little moments that bring me joy each day. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me:)

Thanks for stopping by!
Fiona x

*above photo by Adam at Deep Grey